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September 28, 2008

Jack-A-Bee‘s are becoming more and more popular so I decided to register a separate domain for this fantastic mixed breed dog

Here is exampt from article by Tracy about Jack-A-Bee breed:

What do you get when you cross a Jack Russel Terrier and a Beagle? A Jack-A-Bee! This adventurous breed would make a fantastic, energetic pet. Like the Jack Russel these pets will need a load of walks, and room to run around, but since both breeds are highly intelligent, your puppy will be easy to train and housebreak. If well socialized, and raised together at a young age the Jack-A-Bee should be fine with dogs, cats, and younger children. If you plan on rescuing, or adopting an older dog they would do best in a single family home. Not suited for city dwellers, the Jack-A-Bee needs room to roam, and run so a fenced in yard is a must.

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The 7 tiny-teeny designer dog breeds we swoon over!

September 26, 2008

Toy breeds are becoming more and more popular today [we can thank movie stars and their tiny pups and fancy designer leashes for this] but popularity comes with a small price; over breeding causes our favorite toy breeds to have a slew of health issues, and temperament problems that may risk them finding forever homes. Thanks to hybrid breeding, we can still have the toy” dogs but with less health problems, and fantastic personalities. Here’s a list of our favorite mini toy hybrids: …

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Six of the Cutest Terrier Mixes

September 12, 2008

Everyone loves a terrier – they’re smart, energetic, and have been around a long time as superior hunting dogs. Just check out art from the eighteen hundreds! They were used to hunt rats, fox, rabbits, and badgers. Terriers make great family pets, and they boost strong personalities. They are also often used in designer breeding and some breeders create interesting terrier mix breeds. Here’s a list of six of our favorite terrier mixes who are cute to boot!

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Designer Dog – find your crossbreed puppy

August 19, 2008

Designer dog mixes are mixed breed dogs – also called crossbreeds or mutts.

List of sites dedicated to specific dog breed mixes

Small Designer Dogs

If you are looking for a lap dog consider to check our website dedicated to small designer dogs.

Designer Toy Dogs

Another name for small designer dogs is a designer toy dogs. Toy dogs are not toys – they are alive creatures and just small size dogs.

Brat – not what you think but a small & cute designer toy dog mix!

August 19, 2008

Brat – not what you think but a cute mix!

When considering a pet, one named “Brat” doesn’t seem like a likely candidate, right? Think again! The Brat is a hybrid dog that takes the best of the Boston and Rat terriers, to create a fantastic small designer toy dog. Your Brat will be anything but brat; these dogs are bred to be less aggressive, and more family oriented than the original Boston and Rat Terriers. They like to learn new tricks and are happy to please their owners with…

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